Photographer - Ben Babusis Photography


Ben Babusis is a nature photographer based in Issaquah, Washington. The unique artistry and drama of his photography stems from a deep life-long passion for capturing the most beautiful scenes in the natural world around him. This passion shines through his images and has attracted a growing audience around the world.

Ben’s keen eye for capturing awe-inspiring vistas, even where others may pass by without pause, has resulted in a collection of work that instills a sense of thrill and wonder in the viewer. His success does not come without hard work: long days waiting for the perfect light and weather, many miles traveling on foot or in his truck to remote locations, often shooting well before dawn or after sundown, and in the bitter cold or sweltering heat. But his single-minded drive to capture those fleeting precious moments, has created a legacy of magical images that will be enjoyed for generations.

The photography of Ben Babusis has been published in a variety of digital and print media including books, calendars, magazines and journals and can be found on display in many venues throughout the Seattle area as well as in private collections worldwide.

The photographs displayed in this online gallery are only a small number in his large collection, chosen for their emotional impact and artistic appeal. The images are created using a variety of cameras with exquisite attention to field technique that results in razor sharp detail with proper exposure balance. They are then optimized for color and contrast in a digital darkroom. No manipulation of subject matter is performed in accordance with Ben’s philosophy of keeping images true to how they were visualized at the time of capture. Current equipment includes the medium format Pentax 645Z and Canon 1Dx with numerous lenses ranging from super-wide to super-telephoto.

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